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Information: Mike Schaeper Sand & Gravel hires only professionally-licensed team members in our field. We work with Mason sand, gravel, and topsoil in our reputable business, amongst other types of soil. We are your number one gravel and sand supplier for our line of work.

Have you ever thought about how many different types of sand are used in landscaping work? Sand is used for many different purposes, but it is important to use the appropriate type of sand when needed. Luckily, you won't need to be an expert in this area to find the right products. Our trusted associates will advise you of which type of sand you'll need. When you contact Mike Schaeper Sand & Gravel, you will be working with one of the most reputable businesses in the area. Many people like working with us because of our quality of service and our local connections. When you contact Mike Schaeper Sand & Gravel, we can assure you that you will not be merely an anonymous paycheck to us. Rather, you deserve to receive excellent service and great prices because you are an important member of our community. Learn More

Service Areas:

  • Waco
  • Robinson
  • Hewitt
  • McGregor
  • Woodway
  • Bellmead
  • China Spring
  • Riesel
  • Gatesville
  • West