About Us

Brick sand is one of the most popular types of sand offered by Mike Schaeper Sand & Gravel. This type of sand is very finely textured. Brick sand is used most often in mortar for brickwork and stonework but also has other uses. Because brick sand tends to be soft and fine, this sand-type is perfect for use in children's sand boxes. If you are considering putting in an above-ground swimming pool, this type of sand makes a wonderful barrier between the pool and the ground as well. For more information on the uses of different types of sand, call Mike Schaeper Sand & Gravel. It will be the finishing touch to your yard.

Many customers are pleasantly surprised when learning that we have a variety of material options to choose from. Our service team is ready to assist each customer in connecting with the right products. Asking questions only means that you intend to be an informed customer, so we welcome all of your questions! Before you can make a good choice about the supplies used, you need to understand your options, right?

Mike Schaeper Sand & Gravel has locations in ten cities, including Waco and China Spring for your convenience. We are never too far away so come see us today!