Final Grading

Woodway, TX

You want your yard to look great and be a comfortable place to spend time with your friends and family members, but you might find that growing grass, plants and flowers is a challenge. If you feel like you just have a brown thumb instead of a green one, you need to realize that you might not be the cause of the problems! Instead, it is important to stop and take a look at the quality of your soil. In our climate in Woodway, TX, it is vital to have the right type of soil if you want your plants to thrive. However, many yards are not filled with high-quality soil, which leads to frustration and dead plants.

At Mike Schaeper Sand & Gravel, we carry excellent topsoil, and we are happy to provide guidance about the best way to apply and use your soil. Since we are a local business, we understand the types of soil that work best in Texas. Many of our past clients indicate how much better their yards and landscaping look after the new topsoil is applied. This is a great way to improve the overall appearance of your yard without spending a fortune. It is also a popular option for commercial clients who want to improve the landscaping around their businesses.

Before you make a big soil purchase, please take the time to chat with our team. Mike Schaeper Sand & Gravel is not just a company who is going to take your money and send you on your way. We are excited about helping our customers find the right solutions for their specific needs. If you have any questions, we invite you to give our friendly office staff members a call. Get the help you need today from a leading local business!